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Strap-on Story (Part 5)

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He must have passed out then, because the next thing he knew he was lying on his side with someone digging their foot into his crotch.

"Wake up!", the first woman said, "My toes need sucking, and you have been a good enough boy to earn it." He felt her pinch his nose with her foot. "Open your mouth!", she commanded, and added in a haughty tone, "Wide."

He opened his mouth as directed and felt her slip damn near her whole foot in there. "Suck!", she commanded.

He started sucking on her foot like it was a cock, moaning slightly as he did it, "Mmmph, mmph." He felt his cock getting hard again. What a delightful way to be woken up he thought to himself. He ran his tongue all around the the ball of her foot and between the toes when she occasionally pulled it out slightly.

"Oh yesssss! That is good!", she said, "You are not quite as useless as I first imagined! Now the other one!" She suddenly yanked her foot out of his mouth and put the other in forcefully, almost gagging him. They repeated the process with the second foot. He was by now hard as a rock.

"It is lucky for you that you enjoy sucking my toes so much, and you do it so well", she said then, "If you didn't I would be insulted and do far worse things to you than I have planned at this point. That's enough!"

She wiped his spit off of her foot by rubbing it all over his face.

She turned him over onto his back with a shove of her foot. "Open your mouth, slave. Wide, and keep it that way."

He did as she commanded. He was laying there, blindfolded, on his back with his wrists still shackled to his cock and balls, legs spread wide by the spreader bar, mouth wide open, like he was saying 'ahh' for the doctor.

"Perhaps I'll let you see this," she said. He felt her unfasten the blindfold. She was standing over looking down at him, stark naked, with one foot on either side of his chest. She moved forward a bit and squatted down. She brought her pussy down to about 6 inches above his mouth. "You better swallow every drop!", she said, and with that he saw a trickle of piss come from between her pussy lips. It missed his mouth and hit his nose and eyes, she adjusted her body slightly, bringing herself even closer to his face, and released a little more, this time sprinkling his outstetched tongue. She then let out a steady stream in a sudden burst, filling his mouth, then stopping the flow.

"Swallow!", she barked. He choked it down as best he could in his position, lifting his head to do so. As he did she let out another stream, he tried to open his mouth in time, but most of it ended up drenching his face and neck. "Ooh, you missed a drop!", she chortled and continued to fill his open mouth with her warm pee. He swallowed as much as he could, but ended up taking most of it on the face and up the nose, with her giggling the whole time.

When she seemed to have run out of piss, she shifted to her knees and said, "My legs are getting tired." With that she planted her pussy firmly on his piss covered face, effectively cutting off his air supply. She squeezed the sides of his head with her thighs and started gently grinding her pussy into his face.

He struggled to find some space in her crotch to take a breath but it was futile. His struggling only seemed to turn her on more. When he thought he was just about to pass out, she lifted up for a moment and he started to take a big gasping breath for air, but before he could halfway fill up his lungs , her crotch was back down on his face and he ended up sucking her pussy into his mouth instead of more air. With that she started grinding even more wildly than before and he could feel her more than hear her screaming in orgasm. Suddenly he felt another stream of hot liquid going into his mouth, only this time it was her come. She pulled off of him and sat back on his chest leaving him choking, sputtering, and coughing on her abundant ejaculate.

"I'm going to keep you, I've decided," she said.
* * *